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Citroen sat nav VDO Dayton non C-IQ
Southern Europe
2012/2013 Edition

navigation systems southern europe

Enjoy driving throughout Southern Europe thanks to the 1000 speed cameras included in your new map update.
Upgraded speed camera database included in this release:
- Improved camera classification: speed, red light, section control.
- On-the-ground verification by professional cartographers.
- Removal of inactive speed cameras.”

*The following countries are excluded from the data base: Germany, Portugal, Switzerland and Ireland. As of June 2011 the French Government is re-evaluating legislation pertaining to various uses of speed camera data for France. Possible outcomes might be that such uses shall be restricted or forbidden at some point in the future.

Europe’s over the knee boot has it all:sumptuous landscapes made for romance, three millennia of history plus incredible culture and cuisine. Drive through the breathtaking Alpine passes, wander through the renowned historic cities of Venice, Florence, Siena and Naples or visit the hectic business centres of Milan and Turin. Alternatively head down to the sun baked south  and the turquoise waters of Sicily and Sardinia. From the fast Autostrade to the local roads of the Strade Comunali, driving in Italy is fast paced and up to date mapping is essential. Clear and rich maps of all significant roads, thousands of points of interest from golf courses to theatres, and from hotels to car parks – this latest edition HERE digital map is the perfect driving companion.

HERE are proud to offer digital map coverage for South Europe. Navigating your way around South Europe can be a challenging task but with the latest digital map from HERE your journey can be made with ease. It is reassuring to know that you will be well equipped for driving the beautiful bigarade tree lined streets where you can discover the delights of Old Athens and the new sprawling metropolis. If you wish to take a break from the ancient sights many outdoor cafes, parks and gardens offer a pleasant alternative.

Traffic Message Channel codes for roads throughout Italy