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Speed Camera Database in Europe February 2016
NaviDrive RT4/5

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The Speed Camera Database product is updated and can be purchased on a monthly basis. To be informed when a new version becomes available, complete your details in the CONTACT US page.

In accordance with local legislation, the Citroën Risk Areas database contains information on high-risk zones in the following countries:
- Alert for danger zones: France
- Alert for traffic lights with radar cameras, radar speed traps: Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Andorra.

Instructions of how to compete the installation are available in PDF format. It is suggested that you read this information prior to purchasing and clicking the download link.

Click the link below to download the installation instructions.
CITROËN Alert Zone – Notice - NaviDrive - UK.pdf

Please scroll down to view a coverage map.